About Us

VEL TECH group of educational institutions was established in 1990 by a well known industrialist couple dedicated to public service. Dr.R.Rangarajan and Dr.R. Sakunthala Rangarajan, who by then had 30 years of experience in developing industries and international trade. What took off as a modest school now stands as a monument of glory for “Chennai city”. A student volume of above 12,000 through the various educational institutions of VEL TECH group. Through sheer hard work and principled living, the couple has been able to make these institutions tremendously successful by offering 59 courses including Post Graduate courses. Dr.R.Rangarajan was the Syndicate Member of University of Madras and Anna University. The long, dedicated, tireless and passionate journey continues to the cause of nation building. Since 1990, the cluster of following educational institutions was established under their trusts in Avadi,Chennai. Vel Tech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University (VEL TECH RANGARAJAN DR.SAGUNTHALA R&D INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY), Chennai duly declared as Deemed to be University u/s of the UGC Act 1956 by the UGC and notified by the by the ministry of Human Resource Development , Government of India, New Delhi, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution. TIERI Accreditation by NBA signatory accreditation body of the Washington Accord for the programme B.Tech Mech & Aero. The state of art curriculum is highly innovative and a fine blend of academic and industry requirements. Vel Tech has 170 active MOUs (Research Institutes/Public Sector, Foreign Universities & MNC’s) for various joint activities across the globe.


IEEE ICSTM 2015 offers a unique opportunity to all researchers across the globe to share the knowledge of smart technologies and management on Computing, Communication, Controls, Energy and Materials. In recent scenario, Multidisciplinary research plays a vital role in latest technological growth. Several research groups are tackling highly complex systems by designing experiments that give unambiguous information even though the system is complex. IEEE ICSTM 2015 provides an excellent platform for researchers and industrialist to discuss various issues in interdisciplinary areas which may provide sound knowledge in their research. In addition to that this conference will facilitate in fostering close relationship between researchers and their respective domains which will be beneficial for their research activities.


The delegates are able to
 Gain knowledge from various domains and also attainment of facing practical problems.
 Refine their idea will motivate their involvement in research activities.
 Exposed about the recent advancement in their particular domain.
 Publish their research articles in IEEE digital library which is indexed by Scopus and also in Scopus indexed referred journal.

  Oklahoma State University

The university founded on December 25 1980 is located in stillwater, a north-central Oklahoma  community and approximately 60 miles from Tulsa and Oklahoma city. The University is Co-educational and has an enrollment of over 33,000 students on its four campus. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in a large number of fields as well as the professional doctor of osteopathic medicine and doctor of veterinary medicine degrees. Specialist in education degrees are also offered in selected fields. The size of the university has many distinct advantages. OSU’s 2 million volume library backed by its original counterparts, its modern research research laboratories and  equipment, excellent physical education, recreation and student union facilities, nationally-recognized residence halls programs, outstanding cultural events and 36 nationally-affiliated fratemities and sororities, all provide a stimulating educational and social environment.