Big Data
 Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
 Brain Computing
 Cloud Computing
 Computing and Processing
 Context-aware Intelligent Computing
 Data Mining & Data Warehosing
 Green Computing
 Simulation and computational modeling
 Soft Computing
 Ubiquitous Computing
 Grid Computing
 Intelligent e-Technology such as e-Science, e-Learning, e-Finance, e-Govermment and related technologies
 Mobile Computing
 Network Security
 Neural Networks
 Pervasive Computing .
 Quantum Computing
 Sensor Networks
Antennas, RF microwave
Broadband and Cellular Networks (3G/4G, WiMAX / LTE, UWB)
Communication, Cognitive Radio and Cognitive networks
Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies
Communications Systems Integration & Modeling
Cyber security and Encryption techniques
Digital Image Processing
Fault Detection and Management
Multimedia and multicast communications
Multi-model Communications Networks
Next-generation Communication Networks
Routing and Flow Control in LANs, WANs and PANs
Signal Processing and Analysis
Video Distribution (IPTV, Mobile Video, Video on Demand) .
VLSI Based System Design and Embedded System
Wireless Communication


Adaptive / Robust / Optimal Control
Biomedical Instrumentation and applications
Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems
DSP and VLSI base process control
Earth Station Systems and Technology
Industrial Drives and Control
Intelligent Control
Neural networks and Fuzzy Systems
Power Convertors Topologies and Design
Process Control and Control Systems
Real Time Control Systems
Robotics and Automation .
Tuning of PID Controller
Virtual Instrumentation


Advancement in Solar Energy System
Energy Audit, Conservation & Green Energy technologies.
Environment friendly Design and Systems
Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics
Future Challenges and Directions for RES
Micro and Nano technologies in Energy Systems.
New Trends and Technology for RES
Power, Energy and Industry Applications
Renewable and alternate energy technologies
Safety and Security of Renewable Energy System .
Tidal, Wind, Geothermal & Ocean Energy and other emerging technologies. .


Composite materials and Structural dynamics
Damage and fracture mechanics
Engineered Materials, Dielectrics and Plasmas
Magnetic Materials
Thermo Electric Materials
Bio Materials
Ceramic Materials
Nano Materials and Devices
Nuclear Materials
Optical and Photonic Materials and Devices
Smart Materials / MEMS and Sensors
Super Conducting Materials
Topological Insulator Materials.